Sunday, October 06, 2013

My Top 10 Movie Music Scenes

When i watch a movie, i realize that the music or the soundtrack always plays an important role in enhancing the cinematic experience. I decided to make a top 10 list of all MY favourite movie music scenes.

I decided to not include any songs from musicals. If its a movie musical then there would obviously be a lot of songs in the movie I'd like. and I'm not saying these songs are THE BEST, but they are MY favourites.

10. Pulp Fiction- Son of a Preacher Man, Dusty Springfield

I've always enjoyed this song. And i thought it was a nice introduction to Uma Thurman's character in the movie. Spoiler alert! there's going to be more than one song from a quentin tarantino movie (DUH). He's always had the best movie soundtracks and would definitely dominate most people's lists.

"warm, warmer, disco"

9. Saving Private Ryan- Tu Es Partout, Edith Paif

This scene in the middle of a bomb riddled city with the soldiers standing around listening to music really did it for me in this film. Being a long time Edith Paif fan, when i heard her unmistakeable voice through the gramophone in the movie, it showed me how real a soldier's appreciation for life and beauty was, even the middle of a war.

"What she so upset about?"
"her lover left her....but she still sees his face everywhere she goes."
"that'll do it"

8. Fight Club- Where is my mind, Pixies

This song was a perfect fit for the dramatic finish at the end of the movie where *real spoiler alert*(but if you haven't seen this movie in the first place then the fault lies with you) tyler realizes that he has been living the double life of a schizo and leader of a big terrorist organisation. His sudden discovery of his unstable mental state, coupled with the song lyrics, makes for a perfect marriage.

"trust me, everything is going to be fine"

7.The Fighter- Here I Go Again On My Own, Whitesnake

Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg sing the song together before walking out through boo-ing spectators. Inspirational.

"here i go again on my own,
Going down the only road i've ever known
like a drifter i was born to walk alone."

6.Almost Famous- Tiny Dancer, Elton John

This song, the band singing together on the bus after having an argument, highlighted the bonding effect music can have on people. I'm not sure why they chose this song, considering it has not much to do with friendship or anything, but i guess the lyrics is appropriate to a band-like setting.

" I need to go home"
" You are home "

5. Top Gun- You've Lost That Loving Feeling, The Righteous Brothers

Perhaps I put this song in this list because I've always imagined one day doing this in some bar or something to that effect, hopefully sweeping some lady off her feet. But, yes, I'm aware of the fact that it probably won't work as well without Tom Cruise's looks. Still, would be fun.

I like the ending where she plays the song on the jukebox when he's alone in the bar. They see each other and there's no need to say anything, the song lyrics was conversation enough.

"You never close your eyes anymore when i kiss your lips."

4. V for Vendetta- Cry Me A River, Julie London?

This being one of my favourite movies of all time, I had to include one scene from this movie, and this scene was one of my fav movie music scene. She was woken by the song and the conversation they had while the music was playing in the background. Although I can't be certain who the singer is, I'm pretty sure its julie London. Apologies if i made a mistake.

"I must be out of my mind"
"Is that what you really think or is that what they want you to think?"

3.Pulp Fiction- You Never Can Tell, Chuck Berry

This scene was just so enjoyable to watch. and who isn't a fan of Chuck Berry ( a lot of people)? When i first saw it, and i heard the classic chuck berry introduction, i too wanted to stand up and dance (if i actually knew how to at all).

"C'est la vie said the old folks
it goes to show you never can tell"

2. Reservoir Dogs- Stuck In The Middle With You, Stealers Wheels

ah! yes, i know, another off Quentin's playlist? but how can anyone create this list and not have this song and this scene be in it? One of the most epic movie scenes ever! The way madsen dances to the music before cutting off the other guy's ear. Crazy epic.

"Hold still"

1. A Clockwork Orange- Singing In The Rain, Gene Kelly

I believe this will be the number one choice for a lot of people. Anyone who has ever seen the film will have their version of singing in the rain corrupted forever. You will always think of the events of this movie and the acts involved with its singing. I wouldnt say this was my favourite scene, but it certainly changed the way i sang or thought of the song.Malcolm Mcdowell killed Gene Kelly with his rendition of the song.

"but Mrs, This is a matter of life and death!"

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Dead Normans Society

People say what they think all the time, so why can’t I as well? If you don’t agree with what I say, that’s fine by me. I didn’t ask you to agree, I just feel like I have a right to express my opinions.

  Needless to say, some people read this and might disagree with this very opinion. But hey….I’m not judging you so I hope you do the same. I think people take death too seriously. I mean, we go through such elaborate efforts to properly respect the dead. But who are we really respecting? I think ultimately Humans are all self-serving, no matter how we argue this we must accept the fact that it is a truism. We don’t bury the dead for the dead! We bury the dead for ourselves! Funerals, burials, wills, gifts of condolences etc. these things aren’t for the dead, they are for the living.

 Woah woah woah. What are you saying here Norman? That we don’t care for the dead? No. if you are asking yourself that then you are missing the point. The point is that we bury the dead ultimately for our own closure. We respect them by going to their funerals so that we can look ourselves in the mirror every morning and say that I have properly loved and lost that person. We go to funerals not to “pay respect “to the dead but to console ourselves for OUR lost. What has the dead man lost that he feels sorry about? Nothing. He is dead. He cannot actually feel anything. We can actually cook his body and serve it to the dogs and he can’t even care! HE IS DEAD.

 Okay then there’s the whole “oh what happens to your soul” story that well…..we can argue till no end. But that’s not the point I am making. That’s another story for another day

 So then why do we still place so much importance in death? We treat it with way too much significance. My theory is that we do what we do for the dead for 3 sets of people. The people who care, the people who care about you, and of course ourselves. I don’t feel like elaborating on this. At the end of the day, The dead don’t matter. That’s my point. It’s the living that matters. The only significance of the dead is what the mean to our lives and how they affected us in their living state.

Having said this, I will still contradict myself and ask for the song “spirit in the sky” to be played at my funeral. I think it’s a very nice walk out song. I can imagine walking the stairs to heaven(if I can find it) having this song playing in the background. But then again, when I die, ill probably never get to hear the song at all, I’ll never get to see the people who come to my funeral or the flowers they would place on my grave. I will never get hear the hymns sung at my wake or the tears shed upon my coffin. I guess when I’m dead I won’t care anymore. I will have much more pressing issues at hand. And all the people I leave behind….well, I wish them the best of luck and hope they catch up with me in the end (assuming I go to the right place of course). The importance of my song playing at the end I guess is of no significance to me when I am dead, but of tremendous significance now that I am alive. And of tremendous importance to the people who will promise me my death wishes because if they can supply me with my death wishes when I am dead, then how much more can they supplement me in my life time. And I for one will do the same for them in theirs.

 Paul McCartney’s voice playing in the background to the song of “the end” by the beatles  

“And in the end The love you take Is equal to the love you make.”

  Signing off Norman The Great

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


have you ever started a post and not know what to say? well this is one of those posts. its six in the morning and i have no idea what i'm doing awake. all i know is that im trying to figure out what someone just said to me

"don't think too much.
sometimes its better to not think at all."

before that someone else also said to me

"sometimes people that seem to have everything have nothing at all"

what do i think?

why do i even bother. i've put in so much thought and so much time thinking about things and see all my effort go up in flames. for what?

why do i even bother?

do i seem like a happy person to u? confident YES. no doubt. but happy? i dunno. my life rocks. but then why?

im having so much fun. its crazy. but then why? is .this. feeling.

im just too young. too young to figure out what im doing is a waste of time.

really is anyone going to read this? i want to shout everything that i think of out on the highest mountain to the entire world. if everyone could see things the way i see things then. wow. but no, mf's in this world have to exist. they have to negate all the good work i have done. they have to crap on every good idea good feeling good thing going for me. negated. fml

i havent been sad for very long. but now that i do. i think the pain is twice as hard to bear.

if you are a crapper don't talk to me. i don't wanna waste my time talking to you.

its six in the morning and i've not slept trying to figure out what to type in this post.

end of post

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A bloody nerd

okay everyone i found a new nerd. one thats a complete and utter nerd......see its irritating ppl like these that spoil the world we live in. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. have fun let loose dun be a ballhead dun be a clown dun be a NERD.

do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say, if you wanna start a revolution do it today. i don't wanna change the world. but im sure as hell not going to let the world change me. so if you think ur so damn like....UP THERE. with ur cute comments and all. i say screw you cuz i ain't gonna be affected by your words. sticks and stones love. i dun give a rats ass what you have to say. or what anyone has to say for that matter. really....u could insult me all day long and i'll just laugh it off. THE GREATEST GIFT YOU'LL EVER LEARN IS NOT TO LOVE BUT LAUGH AT YOURSELF. thats a misquote but i dun really care as well.

and i dun like fat ppl. i mean its alright to be a little plum around the waist. have a little flab here and there...thats fine...but i dun like those....MORBIDLY OBESE ppl. like....its wrong...its just wrong....its bad. its an eyesore...pls do something about all that fat. seriously its bad to look at. plus it takes up 2 seats on the MRT ,its inconvenient.

oh back to where i was supposed to be. SOME GIRLS THINK THEIR SO HOT. seriously...dressing up and putting on make up dun mean u look hot. it means that u might look pretty but i'd just like to see under all that powder really how ghastly u look. i know u can't live with it hence all the make up. because you know under that looks and branded goods u carry . u have nothing. no brains. no personality. no talent. NOTHING. saddens me really. if u have no talent in singing then dun insult other ppl's singing. if u have no brains...dun act like you have one. IF YOU HAVE NO LOOKS....AND U TRY AND HIDE THAT FACT.....then dun talk about my looks. unlike u i was fortunate to be born with it. HAHA! goodness i love the way i talk.

and britney spears....whats her deal? did she win 3 VMA's awards?!?!? like there was one award for best video. and she was up against the likes of panic at the disco!'s "9 in the afternoon". have u seen the video? its dope...okay? its like concept and shit....and its colourful. its nostalgic....great music video. now compare that to britneys "piece of me" like seriously...WHO WANTS A PIECE OF YOUR FAT ASS!?!??! gosh. those britney spears fans....seriously...go kill yourself. i mean...if she just did her thing and not bother anyone or not get IN YOUR FACE....then maybe i wouldn't bother so much about her. but she's so bloody irriating. its like...ppl like her are spoiling the music a great singer for example....KT Tunstall. great singer brilliant musician. what award does she get? NON. why? cuz she doesn't have the looks? cuz she doesn't expose herself to the paparrazzi? cuz she dun play the hollywood marriage/divorce game? cuz she dun appear half naked in her music videos? goodness...its a MUSIC video for a reason. if it were for fleshy girls and out of sync music then its PORN. not a music video.

whats wrong with my wardrobe....i always find...1 sock. like...who needs 1 sock? not a pair...just the 1 sock. like did the person(my mother) who put the sock inside ever think :" MAYBE...JUST MAYBE....there will be the day that Norman will need only 1 sock! yeah! like...if he wore only 1 shoe? then he'll only need one sock! makes perfect going to put the sock in here."
like.....?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! and buses....don't you just love it when u are waiting for the 77 and u are running late...and 3 173 busses just whiz by when u are not planning to board them...and when you do need em...their not there. like...WHAT?!?!?! unbelievable.

i dun believe in luck. i play are the odds that anyone will actually give a shit about this note? 0 to none? so do i play on that probability? honestly i dun believe in probability either i say what wanna say so deal with it. BUT WHAT IF THERE WAS actually 1 SOUL that gave A SLIGHT HINT OF A SHIT. not like the whole shit, half the shit or like droplets of a shit....but maybe just......shavings of shit. yeah shavings of shit. wouldn't it great?!

what would u die for? thats what i wanna know. i figure i would die for some things. although when it actually comes down to the wire and when shit really hits the fan. will i do any of these things? the answer is probably no? but my best bet is that if i keep telling myself i'm willing to die for these things maybe i actually will do it? when the situation arises?! i have no idea what im talking about. but what are u willing to die for really? love? family? friends? principles? pasta? i dunno about anyone who would die for pasta but if they took pasta outta my life i'd might as well be dead so why not die for pasta? makes hell lots of sense to me.

i can't do long distance relationships...i realize...they dun work. its too....far. i like to.....have breakfast with my partner. like if you're on the other side of the world....dun think there'll be much chance to have breakfast. or even lunch. or anything else. plus typing on the keyboard or talking on the phone doesn't quite turn me on. even with the webcam...the delay and lagginess of it is a big turn off. huge. its like bad.

what is a measure of a friend? what? screw a friend in need is a friend indeed bullshit. i tell u what a real friend is. if you can talk about shit. you know he'll stick it up for you when u need it. and im not talking about just any shit. im talking about....shit shit. u know what i mean? if you're comfortable talking about your own shit from your own ass.....then u're probably comfortable talking about anything. and for those of you who are thinking right now......what the hell? talking about shit shit!??!? i dun wanna have that kinda friend.......then let me tell you you haven't lived until u talk about your shit to someone and he/she talks back. wanna know if someone is really comfortable with you? talk about your shit. if they talk back? their cool with you. if they got like....EWWW you're so disgusting....screw them lose em dun wanna see em cuz their nerds. IF YOU'RE NOT COMFORTABLE TALKING ABOUT UR OWN SHIT THEN I DUN SEE THE POINT IN LIVING. but dun do it too much either like some people do(mathan). its....abit freaky.

think thats about it. oh and one more thing food for thought.

life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get. but what if its a box of ferrero rocher? AAAHHHHHHHHH.....had u stumped haven't i?

Norman The Great