Friday, November 23, 2007

Thank your mother for giving you birth

Why is it i never post anything personal about myself? i realize that i compartmentalze my life in such a way that. Friends i treat as friends. girls i treat as girls. church i behave like a good guy, club i'm the devil.

everybody wants to read about personal thoughts feelings emotions. right? well i dun really care about other people's FEELINGS much really. my mum always said i don't have a heart. maybe she is right. i can see the irony of everything. like somehow everything is some kinda joke. its not that i wanna take the mickey out of everyone's plight. its just that sometimes i see joy in pain. like....i can be hurt as hell and still be laughing

i remember the time i fell face first from my bike, rolled about 10 feet before getting to my knees, face bleeding going.....boy would i give anything to try that again. irony in pain.

i don't get rumors though. like.... why do you have to bother about other people's business when its got nothing to do with you? i'm sure you have more interesting things to talk about rather than me right?.....oh wait maybe i am that interesting am i?

im single.... and thats that. im not attached to no one so stop it with the rumors. it seems like suddenly everyone thinks im attached to her but im the last one on earth to know it.

life's great know? like i dunno why people ever consider taking their own live's sometimes? maybe i just had it good....or maybe i just like to make good with my life. whatever it is i think if everyone just had a breather this world would be such a cool place.

aku chill.

and why are there no SPB(sarong party boys)... like why only girls can date ang mohs and be branded suddenly? i wouldn't mind being called SPB or anything like that. no one gives a about what guys do right? i think its time we guys should have some movement to push for men's rights. women had their say about the voting and feminism whatever...... i think guys should be discriminated against! more discrimination on me pls! that'll make life a whole lot more interesting.

you know what i think, i think gays want to get discriminated? it just adds more excitement to your life see? so actually gays are the originators..... they are the liberators. they do what they feel is right to set themselves free.

i dun think i'll ever try that route though.

so drinking's the way know? i tell you if i were american i'll soooo be one of those dope boys. not exactly cool with the your in laws though but u'll sure feel happy. or at least for awhile.

you know what i think? i think gangsterism in singapore should just...chill. i mean have you seen the mafia? its like....once you see the real mafia we should just let those damned em ah bengs out of prison man! i mean their doing us a favor. every country needs some bad guys. their bad i guess but they don't kill. so singapore still can fulfill their 6 mil pop target no problem. just expect 1/3 of that to be part of a gang. didn't the government teach us sense of belonging? they have sense of belonging right? just that its in a different way.

i have a sense of belonging alright. i feel that i belong in a more open country. one with big fields and open spaces. here in singapore the only open space you'll have are ur sec school football fields.

and i want wider bicycle lanes on the roads. the double yellow lines. stiffling really. at least 4 lines.

and where has all the dustbins in mrts gone? really? did ur just bluff us say there were terrorist attacks? those photo's on the telly really looked faked but i didn't think about it until now.

in 10 years time singapore will be the most sober place on earth save the muslim countries. if our price of beers continue to go up any higher i'll go on strike. i'll probably be the only one protesting anyway. don't think its going to do much good but i'll try. seeing how singaporeans just like to zip it and swallow whatever the gov feeds us.

i like lee kuan yew. he seems like a nice man. a bit pompous but you know, father of singapore, cut him some slack. he said once that he doesn't spend his time..... he invests it. like whatever...... with a W(thats a capital once as well) c'mon la we're all going to die invest now spend later how ever you use it it'll all go away.

"the time has come for me to make my maker, and to pay him in kind for all that he has done"- hugo weaving, V for vendetta.

fav movie really. i've watched it 8 1/2 times.

"are you like a crazy person?" - evee

"i'm quite sure they'll say so, but to whom may i ask am i speaking with?" - V

"I'm Evee" - evee

"Evee.....E-V of course you are." - V

"What do you mean?"

" it means that i like God do not play with dice and do not believe in coincidences."

got it all memorize. god i feel like im in the movie sometimes

"your God's a hoax"

yeah whatever. if my god fight your god he'll beat him silly.

" what's your god?"

"mohammad ali"

do not box. it just is not cool and does not do you any favours in your old age. don't box. smoke weed. its less damaging to the brain.

everyone has their problems. some are less obvious than others. some show it out right. some hide it in themselves. some choose to believe its not there.

evasion. works best for me.

somehow we'll never be satisfied. sometimes i think i have everything and still feel like im missing something. i don't complain? cuz if im in shit i know that someone's in shit far deeper than i am. so maybe im better off you know?

i don't hurt. i think. or rather i avoid it completely.

hope they serve whiskys in heaven. that'll make this life a whole lot more worth while to live.

i think the devil's a loser though. have you ever thought of that? HE KNOWS HE"S GONNA LOSE ONE DAY. but he just doesn't wanna quit. irritant really. power in the hands of the wrong. i really hope judgement day doesn't come too soon really. the devil's gonna give me shitloads for just saying this.

plus i dun think i'll like to look back at my life and see all the horrible things i've done. there are plenty of good things no doubt. its always the wrong that ppl remember see? we're all negative like that.

if heaven is a club i hope i'm on the VIP list.

Norman The Great


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