Tuesday, January 19, 2010


have you ever started a post and not know what to say? well this is one of those posts. its six in the morning and i have no idea what i'm doing awake. all i know is that im trying to figure out what someone just said to me

"don't think too much.
sometimes its better to not think at all."

before that someone else also said to me

"sometimes people that seem to have everything have nothing at all"

what do i think?

why do i even bother. i've put in so much thought and so much time thinking about things and see all my effort go up in flames. for what?

why do i even bother?

do i seem like a happy person to u? confident YES. no doubt. but happy? i dunno. my life rocks. but then why?

im having so much fun. its crazy. but then why? is .this. feeling.

im just too young. too young to figure out what im doing is a waste of time.

really is anyone going to read this? i want to shout everything that i think of out on the highest mountain to the entire world. if everyone could see things the way i see things then. wow. but no, mf's in this world have to exist. they have to negate all the good work i have done. they have to crap on every good idea good feeling good thing going for me. negated. fml

i havent been sad for very long. but now that i do. i think the pain is twice as hard to bear.

if you are a crapper don't talk to me. i don't wanna waste my time talking to you.

its six in the morning and i've not slept trying to figure out what to type in this post.

end of post


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahahaha norman u'r sad?


4:43 AM  

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