Friday, June 06, 2008

the introverted extrovert

You know what i can't stand? if you can't stand then sit down. shit like that. People are always up your backs, you know you're wrong sometimes but its just easier not to give in. Always looks cooler if you stuck one in their faces. or could just make you look plain childish.

i realize quiet people dun have it too good. haven't been saying much lately so maybe thats why im feeling abit shittyyy. Life could be like that sometimes but you dun have to play it like it lays out oh no. sometimes, make a mistake, see where the road leads you. least if you end up a crook you can say you planned it.

No one plans to go to prison whys that? okay maybe the accommodation( i spelt this word wrong the first time. thank God for Word spell) isn't exactly 5 star but hey..... least you know you don't have to worry about going no place worse.

How's it like to be gay really? i really like being straight just a thought. if i was....but how? thats what i wanna know how? how do people realize know what....i think i'm gay. presumably we all come out of the hole as straight right? see our mums have HAD to be heterosexual to have us yes? so then how what wrong? or right? hmmmmmm

hell, im straight. But why do people frown more when people say their gay than when they say their lesbian? i don't get its slightly more socially acceptable to be a homosexual woman. I don't know. in a lesbian relationship who wears the pants? plus i've seen some lesbians and i don't know if their really into their own sex or their just trying to get some attention. out of my faces ya'll

i'd started to get angry with people easily lately. i thought....anger management problem. too many mafia movies and books. not that really, i think i just began to see people in a more....i don't know i just began to realize how stupid people can be. I dun see why some people cannot see their own faults. like i know i can see mine and when they point it out to me i get irritated. like i didn't already know thanks for announcing it i really needed that now i feel so much better.

and people hide their feelings. whats up with that? if you don't wanna share something.... thats fine. but SOME things you gotta share. its give and take love. dun go acting like you are all locked up and oh boo hoo poor things got some problem he/she can't solve. GOOD MORNING wake up man, you not getting any support cuz you're not sharing. an introvert is an extrovert who prefers to let it out in one go. history has proven, not advisable route to go. bottomline. go let it out.

songs that are played too much get boring. is it just me? well screw you. but i feel the radio kills all good music. its okay if you've heard it once or twice. but when its all over the place it gets WAYY too irritating to sound anything like music.

does anyone feel hurt tonight.



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