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My Top 10 Movie Music Scenes

When i watch a movie, i realize that the music or the soundtrack always plays an important role in enhancing the cinematic experience. I decided to make a top 10 list of all MY favourite movie music scenes.

I decided to not include any songs from musicals. If its a movie musical then there would obviously be a lot of songs in the movie I'd like. and I'm not saying these songs are THE BEST, but they are MY favourites.

10. Pulp Fiction- Son of a Preacher Man, Dusty Springfield

I've always enjoyed this song. And i thought it was a nice introduction to Uma Thurman's character in the movie. Spoiler alert! there's going to be more than one song from a quentin tarantino movie (DUH). He's always had the best movie soundtracks and would definitely dominate most people's lists.

"warm, warmer, disco"

9. Saving Private Ryan- Tu Es Partout, Edith Paif

This scene in the middle of a bomb riddled city with the soldiers standing around listening to music really did it for me in this film. Being a long time Edith Paif fan, when i heard her unmistakeable voice through the gramophone in the movie, it showed me how real a soldier's appreciation for life and beauty was, even the middle of a war.

"What she so upset about?"
"her lover left her....but she still sees his face everywhere she goes."
"that'll do it"

8. Fight Club- Where is my mind, Pixies

This song was a perfect fit for the dramatic finish at the end of the movie where *real spoiler alert*(but if you haven't seen this movie in the first place then the fault lies with you) tyler realizes that he has been living the double life of a schizo and leader of a big terrorist organisation. His sudden discovery of his unstable mental state, coupled with the song lyrics, makes for a perfect marriage.

"trust me, everything is going to be fine"

7.The Fighter- Here I Go Again On My Own, Whitesnake

Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg sing the song together before walking out through boo-ing spectators. Inspirational.

"here i go again on my own,
Going down the only road i've ever known
like a drifter i was born to walk alone."

6.Almost Famous- Tiny Dancer, Elton John

This song, the band singing together on the bus after having an argument, highlighted the bonding effect music can have on people. I'm not sure why they chose this song, considering it has not much to do with friendship or anything, but i guess the lyrics is appropriate to a band-like setting.

" I need to go home"
" You are home "

5. Top Gun- You've Lost That Loving Feeling, The Righteous Brothers

Perhaps I put this song in this list because I've always imagined one day doing this in some bar or something to that effect, hopefully sweeping some lady off her feet. But, yes, I'm aware of the fact that it probably won't work as well without Tom Cruise's looks. Still, would be fun.

I like the ending where she plays the song on the jukebox when he's alone in the bar. They see each other and there's no need to say anything, the song lyrics was conversation enough.

"You never close your eyes anymore when i kiss your lips."

4. V for Vendetta- Cry Me A River, Julie London?

This being one of my favourite movies of all time, I had to include one scene from this movie, and this scene was one of my fav movie music scene. She was woken by the song and the conversation they had while the music was playing in the background. Although I can't be certain who the singer is, I'm pretty sure its julie London. Apologies if i made a mistake.

"I must be out of my mind"
"Is that what you really think or is that what they want you to think?"

3.Pulp Fiction- You Never Can Tell, Chuck Berry

This scene was just so enjoyable to watch. and who isn't a fan of Chuck Berry ( a lot of people)? When i first saw it, and i heard the classic chuck berry introduction, i too wanted to stand up and dance (if i actually knew how to at all).

"C'est la vie said the old folks
it goes to show you never can tell"

2. Reservoir Dogs- Stuck In The Middle With You, Stealers Wheels

ah! yes, i know, another off Quentin's playlist? but how can anyone create this list and not have this song and this scene be in it? One of the most epic movie scenes ever! The way madsen dances to the music before cutting off the other guy's ear. Crazy epic.

"Hold still"

1. A Clockwork Orange- Singing In The Rain, Gene Kelly

I believe this will be the number one choice for a lot of people. Anyone who has ever seen the film will have their version of singing in the rain corrupted forever. You will always think of the events of this movie and the acts involved with its singing. I wouldnt say this was my favourite scene, but it certainly changed the way i sang or thought of the song.Malcolm Mcdowell killed Gene Kelly with his rendition of the song.

"but Mrs, This is a matter of life and death!"


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