Thursday, August 24, 2006

gosh...i'm so lazy. life is wonderful.... :D

can u guys hear the new song?? its the scientist by coldplay. hope you like it. i dun have the best recorder so...haa dun expect the best sound.

i've been busy okay?

look at how busy i am?
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gosh that makes me hungry

and spending time with maine and stuff.....working on IMPortantT photography skills. like this

DO NOT LEAN....right
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then there's always the visit to the supermarket with my mum. *dread* oh well...i was just playing around most of the time anyway...haha! and i realized say their ugly and they can't change it? OH how i BEG to defer! u realize....that people and their personalities or their occupations or their schools or just simply their lifely hood, can be reflected on the face? no? yes! see guys from ACS have this super ACS face. or people who are shy and softspoken have that very plain face? no? but this one is for sure. have u gone to the market and stuff and seen the butchers? they always have this similar face like...u can put thier job and face together. OBSERVE CHILDREN:

see what i mean! he's a butcher btw
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting if u want to have a model face or a superstar's face, you've gotta live like a model or a superstar. difficult huh? well better example if you want to look like me then.....oh wait you need to be blessed by God for that so...hahaha!

kidding(like why must i say this? will it offend people? they think i'm arrogant? why can't everyone just...ease up a little cheeze)

hmm lets see what else i've been doing...hmm. oh yes at the supermart, i bought this Basket ball hoop thingy for kids and..haha...put it up in my room. its endless hours of fun for the price of $2.50 i tell you

shooting baby hoops is MY thing ;)
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chop!! yes thats frograracy accuracy!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting's another sad story. see this fish we shall so affectionally name...Mr fish, was swimming happily in his ocean sea. the waters free for him to roam and look for other female hottie fishes. he can do anything he wants! in the waters there are no laws! and reproduction is everything! haha...isn't that just the life? and everyone is NAKED! woo! but how happy he must have been that day....when Mr Fish was swimming around and he saw a shrimp! OH HAPPY DAY! i must get that shrimp! and he chases and he twists and turns and wiggles his way around until FINALLY he catches up with the little bugger. chewing it with his teeth,Mr fish swims away happily with his new catch! until suddenly......SWWOOPPP!! he got caught himself. thats the end of his marine playboy life.

Look at the shocked expression on his face. if i were him, i would curse my luck as well
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poor Mr fish. (characters named in this story have choosen these aliases and are kept anonymous for their own protection)

oh well...i might as well tell u his name..ALFRED FISH! yupp...i just breached our contract. haha! stupid MR .FISH! he's dead anyway so he won't know ;P

wo ho ho...long blog today k highlight of the day. the Singapore annual bear staring competition has come again! some of you might be asking...HUH?!?! what bear...what? staring? wth? okay okay let me shed some light. its an annual competition where bears from all over the region come to singapore to compete in their staring skills! its a tiring and gruelling competition i tell you. and this year i've been invited as special guest participant...NORMAN THEN! woo! claps(for himself)

and that day i tell you...i realized that staring is not a simple game..OH NO NO NO! it involves so many factors. if you stare like this might put ur opponent to sleep, or yourself. if you stare like this 0_0 , you might risk looking like this forever, or just simply looking like an idiot. if you stare like this ^_^ one will take you seriously. haha!

so anyway i beat a few bears and ended up in the semi finals where i lost! *gasps*

yea,...he was a seasoned starer so i couldn't beat him . here is a shot of him and me staring!

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oh and did i mention that bear went on to win? but the sad fact that he died the next day cuz....few ahbengs beat him up. they were like..."stare what stare?" then....BSSH BASH! POW! WHACK!then....... newspaper front page. what a terrible life to live.

oh well i'm pretty hungry now so i'll just leave you with this thought:
Do you agree that microwaves are the best invention in this century???

poll on the column beside here to see what people think!

yours rushing-off-to-eat-dinner-ly



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