Thursday, August 17, 2006

The worst thing about being not talked about

"the worst thing about not being talked not being talked about" - oscar wilde true. how true. wise words from one of the legends in story telling. i will not venture into telling you all how he got famous. Not because its a long story....nnonono.....its just .......i haven't much of a clue myself. HAHA!

anyway....story is that....he was a very famous story teller. Charming in his own way and women all over....wherever he was telling he's story from(america i think) fell in love with him. and oh well he just had something about him that was so, original.

novelty attracts.

speaking about novelty, i happened to watch tonights show(the one where mathilda got kicked out) and, i must say, i was bitterly dissapointed. not only to see one of the best singaporean singers get kicked out so early in the competition, but also to see some of the best performers(hady and jon who conincidentally are my good friends) to be in the btm 3. Sad .

its not a singing competition anymore i guess. some people(i DARE not mention the type if not i'll end up dead tmr morning), are spoiling the competition. its not any of the idols faults. their doing their best. but sometimes, people see themselves in whoever their voting for. so i guess ...there aren't many good singers in singapore cuz....ppl just see their bad singing in their idols and vote for them.

go ahead and slam me. I DUN CARE. you know why? cuz i'm not targeting anyone here. BUT U KNOW WHO U ARE. thats right. i love all the idols. believe me. but i want to see a good show. so pls. vote properly.

i had fans....i think. and i'd like to think, that they supported me because, i sang well. thats the only reason. other reasons are secondary. i just want them to like my singing cuz, its a singing competition for god sakes! why would i want to join a competition and be remembered for something else? i wanna make it far in life. with my singing and musical career. i dun want to be famous. hell no, fame is boring. i too thought fame was nice. having people recgonize you was something COOL.

i was wrong. its boring. lonely sometimes. when i was in the competition. its's in your face 24/7. its hard to be yourself. its hard to be happy.becuz u can't do what u want to do. you say what you want to say.

at the end of the day. it sucks.

so if any of you reading this, that is hoping to join SI next season or anything else in your life. for fame. don't. you'l regret it.

life is too short. only do what you want to do and what will be good for everyone else around you. Love yourself most importantly and...whatever religion you are, believe in your God, fully.

signing off

yours little-bit-dissapointed-but-hoping-to-see-the-best-in-singaporeans-soon-ly

Norman Le Grand!


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