Friday, September 29, 2006

oh me oh my what a busy week it has been. yups. the last two weeks have been fun though and finally now i can breathe....that sigh of relief...its over. there's only one rule now that i might need to reinforce so everyone read this carefully....


if u ask tat, u risk being beaten up, verbally abused, severed at several parts or worse.....DEATH.

haha yup.

i can tell you during this WHOLE idol period, you'd never be able to understand how busy we were. the hours we spent....working and sweating to give u that one show to entertain you. here is some of the pains that we had to endeavour

oh what pain.
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it was all hard work and no play for us
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i know i know....really wants to make you think about joining next season right? tiring work i tell ya.and just so in case u are not convinced how much work we put in....this is a short clip of just how serious we take our work here .

just in case u are wondering, that was hady trying to screw the girls dance steps up and paul and emilee beating him up in the end and paul was trying to zoom into everyone's breast all that while...haha

okay enough of the lets see how much more effort the PRODUCERS are putting in. the producers work almost all day and have very little sleep. what a pity huh? and they get no recgonition what-so-ever. lets see how difficult their journey has been.

over here you see the dangers of working in mediacorp. here's edwin the intern showing us how dedicated to the job he is by risking his own life.

now here's another producer. he's name is Yaohan or YH in short. oh how we love YH...that is why we have made a short documentary or videoclip of him. very touching stuff....this is how hard these mediacorp producers work.

here is YH hard at work....i think paul depicts he's dedication perfectly with this clip.

documentary of YH part 2

hahaha.....wasn't that fun okay now to the serious stuff......have you people realized how our world is rapidly changing? things around us keep changing constanly but the only thing that fails to catch up are people and...their bad habits.

people have an unwritten rules, taboos, about many things how to eat, how to carry yourself, what u can or cannot say, but does anyone know of a SWIMMING ETIQUETTE?

this is how one MUST not swim. watch this lady as she demonstrates for us. watch the buttcks

to end of....lets review the men's room and how impt it is to maintain order in there.

haha....i think thats enough information for a day....i'll go have my lunch now! take cares!

yours signing off very-hungri-ly


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