Thursday, December 14, 2006

i'm typing this again it is just adding on to my frustration so if i do insult anybody in this post


THIS POST WILL CONTAIN NO PICTURES OR VIDEOS TO PLEASE SOME PEOPLE(which will be explained later.....maybe...see how my mood)

okay....first let me express me deepest sorryness(yes got such word) for those people who frequent my blog and notice that haven't been posting for about 3 weeks!!!! wth????#$%^&*()

okay the reason is simple. NORMAN(still the Great) was going through a period of....DEPRESSION!!!!!!

*ominous music at the background*

yup yup yup... but no worries now my loved ones! Norman has FULLY RECOVERED!!! woo! so now i can blog

but some of you may be asking, why? norman why? why have you been sulking like SO MUCH? why have u been dragging yourself out of bed everyday? why is it that u tell people off and you are restless and feel that life had no meaning? why? school? no. someone missing in ur life? maybe., but not quite . answer? simple

MEDIACORP they cannot control me....nananepoopoo. why? are they bad people? did they make fun of u or stuff? honestly no. there were good people there and i made good friends. but only one thing that truly displeased me was.

Lack of freedom

freedom to do what we wanna do instead of what people want to see. freedom to sing songs we wanna sing but instead we did what people wanted to hear. freedom to laugh and be happy, instead all we got was critisicm, lies, deceit and RULES. now i for one am not a big fan of RULES.

after awhile i realized crappy this industry was. they could be hours late and overrun like mad but when u were late, oh.....why are u late Norman? If you had school and they made u come for some crappy rehearsals and stuff last minute what would u choose? honestly i would choose school cuz believe it or not i'd rather go to school than go to mediacorp. yup thats how much i dread that place. i tell you now that most of the time in the idol competition i was absolutely dreading it and deep in my heart i wanted to be out first and now to think back i'm quite glad i was. some people may enjoy the fame. but if you know me long enough. I DONT ENOJY IT. i only liked th part where we got to sing. and made friends with other idols who the same passion.

but now i think back whether i would choose idol life or a normal life, i would most certainly choose a normal life.

a life where i can eat at kopitiam with one leg up , a beer and some good friends around me to enjoy talking cock like any singaporean will do. the life of kicking the soccer around in the basketball court or on the street or on the mrt station doing jackass things like that with out anyone noticing you or pointing fingers at you. a life where i can sing ANYWHERE and people only think of you as "siao" and not "action". a life where if u are very depressed and moody then people come and di siao you then u no mood to like talk back or just dun have the energy to show politeness then they say you "dao". a life where one can be in a class and be enthu and happy and cracking jokes and laughing by himself with out people labeling you as "attention seeker" and blog about you thinking that no one will read and say that you deserve to be in the death note and crap like that calling you a poseur.

basically a life where i can be happy.

i'm not allowed to put any videos or photos of idol or anything else like that any more. so if u visit my old post and the videos werent working? don't fret, your com is working fine, its just that i had to take them down k? why? to save other people's ass. at the expense of my happiness.

life is so wonderful aint it? HEHE

yours quite-sian-ly