Sunday, June 25, 2006

Isn't it ironic?

Isn't it ironic?

its time to be serious folks. as you can see i'm typing much slower now , no time for jokes any more. the reason i'm blogging today is quite simple.....i just had this strange dream that....woke me up, i couldn't sleep after that. well dun worry its not a SCARY dream as some of you people at home might fear. its more of an, ironic dream, that makes u think about stuff know? song in my head now, alanis morsette's "ironic" i'll be singing parts of the song in this post so...sing along if u know the words :D

the dream start off simply...some how the images, vague, some more vivid than the others, but apparently the dream was about, me trying to change the future. well you see in the dream i had an uncanny skill to see into the future, but it wasn't things about myself, it was things that was going to happen to other people. small things, little things, things that might not affect them now but that might affect them in the future.

"An old man turned ninety-eight
He won the lottery and died the next day"

the first part...i forsaw a man getting hit by a car. i saw this and then immediatly i was back in reality but this time, i was with the man, and he was about to cross the road. he crossed causually, without looking up to see the oncoming car. knowing what i saw in my dream, i made a desperate attempt to push him away from the road. however the strangest thing happend.....before the car actually hit him, he did manage to stop and get out of the way of the car, save for me and my stupidity, shoving him right back into the way of the oncoming car. he died. because of me.

"Mr. Play It Safe was afraid to fly
He packed his suitcase and kissed his kids good-bye
He waited his whole damn life to take that flight
And as the plane crashed down he thought
Well isn't this nice"

the second one i can't quite remember. this is the nature of my dreams. i nvr remember them, so i just blog it before i forget. well the second one is slightly different than the first. a woman left her wallet at home. i forsaw this and immediatly brought into the scene of her house. obviously i wanted to help the woman so i took the wallet and ran after her to return the wallet. i finally caught up with her and she was so grateful when i gave her the wallet(she wasn't aware how i got it but....its my dream so let it be). i thuoght to myself...finally i had made someone's day, finally a good prediction, finally i did some good. the rush of the moment, i left her house door open. her house was ransacked the night she came back, with lots of precious valuables missing. nice. good job Norman. brilliant work there.

"A traffic jam when you're already late
A no-smoking sign on your cigarette break
It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
It's meeting the man of my dreams
And then meeting his beautiful wife"

the last one is the best beacause its still fresh in my memories, the images still stirring vividly in my mind. it started like this. i saw images...of a woman, something was about to happen to her, a very small things, things that happen to us all the time but irritate the hell out of us. then i saw her, paying for things at a cashier, she was talking to the cashier and somehow because the cashier girl was paying attention to her talking, she accidentally typed in the same item twice, which the woman would only come to realize when she reaches home and checks her receipt. right after that i was back in reality, going up an escalator. suddenly, a young girl brushes pass me, she seems excited about something but i just couldn't make out what she was saying, so i followed her quite certain she was part of this whole dream. she reached the top and turned to a corner, pointing excitedly and yelling for her mothers attention. Soon her mom arrived at the scene and lo and behold, it was the woman that i forsaw. she wanted a cap that had the words "jason mraz" on it (i'm a big jason mraz fan so thats why he's in my dream). so the mother, obviously wanting to please her daughter and to pacify her, grabbed the cap and headed for the cashier with her tray full of items. that is when i thought i'd better warn the cashier. so i ran to the counter, screaming wildly for the cashier to stop. apparently she was already scanning the items when i warned her not to. i told her that she was going to scan the same item twice and i that i recieved were two big bewildered pair of eyes. there was a moment's silence , i saw the cashier carefully scanning the jason mraz cap then telling me sarcastically "there look...once only.ONCE". i tried to argue back but thats when it happened, the woman with the child was so fed up but me, being sort of an irriatant she grabbed the cap from the table and shoved it into the cashiers face and shouted "i don't have time for this" and in the moment the cashier was hurried so much so that....she accidentally scanned the cap........again. the rest of the day the woman would go through, would be horrid. she'd have thought about the cap that was accidentally scanned twice and sulk about it the entire day, blaming everything else for this affecting everyone around her, her kids, her husband, herself. good job norman, good job. if not for u this wouldn't even happen. but its because of you the moment happened and the little thing became a big thing and.....wait...i forgot, thats just how life is :D

"It's like rain on your wedding day
It's a free ride when you've already paid
It's the good advice that you just cant take
Who would've thought it figures "

i figures huh? sometimes we let little things in life bother us. and then we in return bother other people. who feel bothered by us and then goes on to BOTHER OTHER PEOPLE. i could go on all day but somehow i feel that, at the end of the day, somebody bothered will bother YOU, and when that moment comes, are we going to feel bothered? then bother somebody else again? because, like it or not, that somebodys irritation, might have started from you. so i have a question WHY BOTHER?

"Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything's okay and everything's going right
And life has a funny way of helping you out when
You think everything's gone wrong and everything blows up
In your face"

so to conclude this post, don't, worry your life away :D in my dream i tried to change everything in my visions but at the end of the day i was the CAUSE of all those terrible chain of events. I WAS, because i tried to change something. which i realized by now that , it can't be changed. the future is not to be tampered with. our lives might come to an abrupt end at any time, so why bother with trivial stuff like receipts and that pimple on ur cheek? it'll go away, it might come back some day,but that dun matter, i won't worry my life away?

signing off yours handsomely


Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Freshmaker

The Freshmaker

i just realized now...why i didn't update my blog in the past......

two words...just too lazy.

shut up...its two words cuz NORMAN says so. cool.

the south korea and france starting in like 15 mins. feeling little bit drowsy but still hanging in there. YOU CAN DO IT NORMAN! ONLY ANOTHER 90 MINS! C"MON!

i think there should be more hours in a day. at least.......36 hours. yup. why?....quite simple...u see....on a normal day i'm awake for.......12 hours? so if thats all the hours i need in a day...that would mean.................. 24 hours hours of sleep! woo!

and i feel that there should be more parks in singapore. like....they are trying to deprive us of soccer or something? siao! then then we survive? madness man this government.

and how come like everyone got more allowance than me?....i always try and save....then in the end. like not enough. but everyone like buying expensive stuff. then there's peer pressure to stuff as well. but then u realize how ridiculous this society is with their over-branded stuff and their over-sized meals. DID U KNOW....IN TOWN...THE INCREASE THE PRICE OF MAC FRIES BY..... 30 CENTS! wth??!?!?!??!! and and and ....last time mah mah shop can buy mentos for 60cents. NOW 7-ELVEN IDIOTS WANT TO STEAL MY MONEY WITH THESE $1.15 MENTOS!

seriously i think something is wrong with the world. and they make us pay for WORLD CUP?!??!! can u believe it?...its like basic neccesities la. wth man....slap face slap face.

that day i went karaoke singing with my relatives. okay....they wanted to hear me sing and give me advice on stage presence and all that. but what i was most concern was about......................THEY MAKE US PAY 70 BUCKS FOR LIKE ONE SESSION! what what what? he mike must pay rental? the chair got fan? DUN HAVE! and they cheat our money with 70 bucks! my uncle still can..."dun worry about it....its not alot of money..." U SURE ANOT??????u know....with 70 the old days can buy. wah!..... 116.67 mentoses! and one mentos tube got 14 tablets. so if one week u eat one tube( 2 tablets per day) wah!....the 116.67 mentoses can last u for 116.7 weeks! thats....816 days! thats....WAH!!!!!!... 2.237 years!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.

last time when i was young when my allowance was....hah...stupid, i rmbr thats what i did. i bought one tube of mentos and slowly eat 2 of the 14 in the tube it will last me a week. those were the days. HAH but did u know my church got this shop still sell mentos for 60 cents? bless the uncle that still sells it man. those money eating 7-eleven outlets should just BURN THEMSELVES DOWN!!!! shameless buggers.

haiz...wah i can talk so much about mentos...powerpack. good job norman good job. marvelous, excellent, brilliant, wonderful, great.......i'd like to say more about pasta but oops! its 3:02! the match started!!! ALL UR FAULT!!!! talk talk until make me miss the opening. evil doers.....bringer of all things evil! creater of the darkness! YOU!!!!!

loves. yours half heartedly


Monday, June 12, 2006

Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree

dear readers,

due to overwhelming response, Norman has decided to .............................WRITE A NEW POST!

woo!!!*marvels at he's genius*

Not many of u may know to but to my rabid(yet very new)readers.... i have purposefully,deliberately, intentfully, intentionally, and quite ingeniously :D stalled the posting of my new post! You see, anticipation is how i seduce my readers to keep coming back. *taps himself on shoulder* see how i carefully play with time? by inviting u to come back the next day to read my "mindblowing" new post but then delaying it by a few days so that when i DO write it my readers will be so filled with anticipation that even if i said.........the sky is blue ah.......I WILL RECIEVE UNADULTERATED SUPPORT FROM MY FANS!!!!

yup....its either that or i'm lazy.

yah maybe i was just lazy to write a new blog.

okay...okay i'm sorry guys. i got caught up! its the world cup u know? and its like.....the world cup hello?

okay so some girls are saying...what's up with guys and their world cup?.... then i can also say....what's up with girls and thier shopping??? AAAAHHHH. see, stumped right? the best part is world cup only comes in four years but u girls complain like we do it everyday. like...whats up with that? and we guys dun even complain about ur shopping. so u know what i'll do? NOW ITS MY TURN TO COMPLAIN! HAH! we'll see what u'll have to say it......i'll probably get some bimbotic answers but ...what the hell.

alright...firstly....WHERE IN THE WORLD U ALL GET THE MONEY TO KEEP ON SHOPPING? u know when i buy something more than 50 bucks....i feel...super guilty. BUT U GIRLS DO IT LIKE NOTHING. and some of u are not even rich! like.....

"oh how much are those shoes?"

"oh quite cheap.....only about....80 bucks."

YAH RIGHT CHEAP MY BUTTOCK.....u think our parents print money ah? u think money drop from the sky? 80 bucks is like... super alot of money la.

okay...that was point number one....i should like...keep points. keep it organized and stuff.

okay 2.YES YOU LOOK FAT IN THAT(click...apply to all)

alright...let me elaborate. to put it quite simply..........YES U LOOK FAT IN THAT. yup. if you're fat you're fat. u can't change it. and since u're complain about it all the time. it just comes through la. and i dunno why u girls keep complaining that guys look at ur body. u keep asking questions like that..."do i look fat?" "how do i look in this?" ...then suddenly..."WHY U LOOKING AT MY BOOBS?" . erm.....cuz u asked my to look? stupid really. oh yah and why u ask whether u look fat in that? as if we care how u look in whatever ur wearing. if u asked us quite honestly.... we rather u not wear anything..... :D

ah then when we say that u look good in that. u grumble, like we not really helping. THEN DUN ASK LA.....just buy whatever la...take me to a lingerie shop la...that one i can give u good advice....cuz u'll look good in everything....HAHAHAHA girls take forever to decide.

you think this one is fashion show ah? modeling competition? singapore's top model? even if there was such a show u wouldn't be in it! hahaha.... yah.

"should i buy this anot?" "do u think it suits me?" "should i buy this or this"

what u think i going to wear it? JUST BUY LA...if u can't make up ur both... rich right u all? shop shop shop.

eh now i think about it ah...why girls always ask us guys to treat. AAHH its not cuz they want to see how gentleman we are...ITS BECUZ THEY NO MONEY!!!!hahahaha! NO MONEY PAY MONEY! hahaha....ah see...all the girl pai seh already right?

alright la...i'll spare u girls for the night.

so now i'm going to watch italy play ghana. so are u going to complain?............*silence*........good girls...kor kor love u k?

kk....go do ur shopping....ciao!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bad Word

Bad word


what a truely glorious day it is. alright its not exactly morning. more like, early afternoon but hey....its morning to me. i was greeted by the sun today, yup, she carassed my skin with such a smooth touch i could not help but feel loved.

hahaha. what.ever

alright...its like 1.50 in the morning and i have not taken my most impt meal of the day. BREAKFAST. ppl say its branch now...BUT I SAY NO!!!!!! nonono! how mistaken they must be. see i eat my BREAKFAST now....and right after that...i eat my LUNCH. aaaaahhhhhh see its like two seperate things no?

i haven't spoke about, not being in the top 12(of singapore idol in case some of u readers are living in a cave). alright....i know i know i might have looked "disturbed" on tv (remark courtesy of Ming) but actually i feel, quite alright with it. daphne asked me (yes the short one) what am i going to do at the mean time...while waiting for the wildcard. if u looked at it from a POSITIVE point of view............I GOT MORE TIME FOR WORLD CUP!

claps all around....woo cheers! capital thinking my boy ,capital thinking.

okay but no seriously i gotta work on my stuff man. stage performance singing and all that jazz, and rock, and roll also.

and i also have to say one thing. its not as fun to blog anymore cuz u can't say EVERYTHING u wanna say. not like before when no one knew u are u were only famous in ur own very stupid way. its like....i realized i put the word DAMN in my blog the other day...then i was thinking....what if....a mum of a fan read that? and she says that...this guy used this "bad word" so i won't vote for him.WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS?!?!?! *gasp*

then i thought to myself.....why worry? if people love u...they love u...then there'll be ppl that will be BOUND to hate u. its life u can't please everyone. u can try to be the best person u can be but at the end of the day, it won't please everyone. we're mystic said...homosapiens. we're animals...beast. we dun think we

so.....SHIT...WOO WOO WOO!! i said it i said it! nanenanepoopoo. hahahhaha. did u see me say the bad word? YAY! hahaha NO ONE CAN STOP ME! MY REIGN IN BLOGLAND IS ETERNAL AND I AM SECOND TO NO ONE! NOT THIRD AS WELL!....and not forth...alright u get the pic.

so kick some ball. chop some bong.have a mentos. eat some pasta and enjoy the tan. life is a breeze. :D

Monday, June 05, 2006



Norman has sent u a NUDGE!

welcome one and all to the GREAT BLOG! woo! excitement all around! gather around my good,not-so-good, and very not welcomed but still welcomed fair-weathered friends. alas, the great one has decided to revive he's blogging days! HARK NOW THE AGE OF BLOGGING WHERE I SHALL RULE OVER ALL!


okay enough of that. welcome back my friends. for those that reads my other blog, which i have so undutifully abandoned(crowd goes aaawww). its alright! i asure you the end is not near and that NORMAN THE GREAT has yet many years in his ruling to live out!(girls gasp audibly)

alright first let me start by telling all of you(especially my fans and those that dun know me so well or just stumbled onto my blog cuz of my handsome face........okay maybe not the handsome face thing) that my NICK(emphasis!) is not meant to be ARROGANT or to display a POMPOUS attitude. i really dun need that kinda publicity really. its my gaming nick and i haven't changed it for ages so pls dun make me change it!

now that i've got THAT off my shoulders. i just want to say how nice it feels to be blogging again. somehow when u think in your solitude or when u voice things out loud, it never quite comes out the way u plan to say it. when u BLOG it, it .....looks good(puts on a pair of sunglasses). like like like....if lets say i want to say....that today is a hot day right? if i thought it to myself i'd think

" hmm today damn hot..."

if i were to say'd sound something like this

" wah damn how today"

only the wah sets it apart really. BUT BUT BUT....if i were BLOG it, it'd sound much this

"oh what a fabulously hot day, may i mention still the prospect of a swim seems awfully tempting!(in a very sexy british accent)"

see see! what did i tell ya? i'm right about these things u know? haiz.....yup.

so u see i'm a nice guy after all, i do drop a coin or two when i see a busker on the street. i say my hellos and good byes to everyone, i even make it a point to check out a waiter's name to say thank u to him/her/neither/all of the mentioned.

and yes if u're thinking....or maybe if ur just curious...i'm straight. i'm super straight. u could put a ruler beside me and i'd probably be more straight than the ruler. the papers once asked whether i prefered female to males fans(quite an evil question if u asked me), i said ...with a cheeky smile and a tongue in cheek :P...i like females. AH! but that doesn't mean i do not associate with male fans! such discrimination of such a kind! oh no no no! thats pure evil i tell u!

woah...thats too much for my first post. i just scrolled up and woah...i do talk alot. but thats better than not talking if u asked me. life would just be. boring. yep. so drink up, have some pasta and enjoy the evening breeze.

rmbr, life is without a care and its ours for the taking, every moment of it. love life. love pasta.

take care and good night.