Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It seems i have landed myself with a new job. perfect i'm conforming, what a bummer. I WANT TO EXPLORE THE WORLD! but here I am sitting in my office on my lunch breaking bitching about how I'm conforming. Well at least i'm still handsome.......

I've been reading some resumes lately and now i know how dumb some people really can be. Most of them have been well written and have nice layouts. BUT THERE IS ALWAYS THE EXCEPTION OF A FEW IGNORANT !@(*#()!*@$ THAT WANT TO CHALLENGE THE NORM.

to protect the innocent(and stupid) i shall not reveal the names of these people.

Dear Norman,

I be know that you put advertivestment on THE STRAIT TIME(???!?!?!?! strait time? BE KNOW? ADVERTIVESTMENT?). I want the job(my problem ah?), this one my following information(like i care)

blah blah blah some crap he obviously copy and pasted

I also have licen(is that a vegetable?) in working forkLEAF(this is the point where i shudder)

I also GOD diploma in Chemical Process Technology( WOW YOU GOD IT???? i have better english yet i have to study hard to do good in my exams and you... you GOD it??? wow)

YOUR truely(your???? what your?? YOUR FATHER LA)

imagine this guy GOD hired? this is what i imagine would happen:

CREVER FELLA: boss, i be know that i finish my work
ME: HOW BOUT I BE KNOW YOU ARE FIRED YOU FREAK? you GOD that bugger? now get out before i forkleaf your ass outta here.

at least this guy showed some interest. others responded differently. When asked to send in their resume one guy gave me this:


(end of email)

????huh? you no education ah brother? this one your resume? i'll like to reply him like that

Name: Norman
Remark: Go and die

(end of email)

okay okay i gtg go back to work. dun worry ladies i'll be back for more. but remember next time u feel like you're going to do something stupid please make sure i don't hear of it.

YOUR truely
Norman GOD balls