Monday, August 25, 2008

Nerd Culture

okay....i realized that i haven't been blogging for almost an eternity. time to type the thoughts.

nerds. everywhere u turn u see a nerd. there's no escaping them. nerds , geeks weirdos and retards. as much as i'd like to admit it. everyone has a inner nerd. everyone included.

Baby nerd

drunked nerds

Ultimate Nerds

idea is...there's an inner nerd in all of us. What i love the most is to realize everyone's inner nerd and making fun of it. its always good to laugh at people. its better to laugh at yourself

today while i was testing someone about capitols of countries and she told me that she knew whats the capital of amsterdam...... -_-

She mistook Ghengis Khan for Ghandi........that one is forgivable because one is a great mongolian conqueror who believed in violence and the other a diplomatic peace lover who promoted unity. Almost same personalities....easily mistaken.

My sister once told me New york is a country and i laughed and asked her the capital of New york. she answered....washington D.C. Appalling i tell you. And according to her indians are from indonesia because india is in indonesia. its like saying germs originated from germany or russians are always in a rush. nerd i tell you

nerds their everywhere u can't escape them

whats your favourite movie? i dunno but i find girls that say really STUPID movies are such a big turn off for me. I once was talking to this girl in a club and after popping that question she told me "Mr and Mrs Smith". I was SOOOOO turned off.

V for Vendetta, Godfather, Goodfellas, Lucky Number slevin, Se7en, Lock stock and two smoking barrels...some of the best movies of all time.Please....if you go out with me....have a great movie in mind before i pop u the question.

Romance movies...they are spoiling the market for us guys. seriously. Girls tend to believe that they will find their prince charming, their Mr Darcy some day....let me tell you ladies. As much as i hate to dissapoint, there are NO NONE NIL such guys who exist. I mean some might be lucky and find someone CLOSE to their dream guy. But he'll never be the exact thing you were looking for. and he will definetly have a skeleton in the closet. for sure. Of course maybe the closest you'll ever get to a dream guy are guys like me but hey....this is not self advertisement so i shouldn't brag too much.

Wine is good. Beer is better. Beer is always better. Morning beer is good. Afternoon beer better. Night beer best.

Morning beers, afternoon hangovers

music is nostalgic. sometimes. music should be used for every occasion. like...some songs mean a certain something to everyone. like a song that u usd when in a relationship. a song to send a friend away. for the departed, for the present.....a song for every emotion, every story. Enough occasions and it'll make your ipod more moving to listen to.

Jazz.... jazz is what everyone should learn to appreciate. if everyone listened to jazz then the world will be a better place. In new york, like there are jazz bars everywhere. Commercialism has completely wrecked the meaning of music. i can't believe people actually put house music in their ipods. nerds

but most importantly no matter how nerd you are. never be afraid to be that nerd. never. believe in the nerd, it is the one thing in life you must learn.

embrace the inner nerd. bring out the cockanathan in you. FULFILL YOUR GEEKISH DESTINY