Thursday, August 24, 2006

gosh...i'm so lazy. life is wonderful.... :D

can u guys hear the new song?? its the scientist by coldplay. hope you like it. i dun have the best recorder so...haa dun expect the best sound.

i've been busy okay?

look at how busy i am?
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gosh that makes me hungry

and spending time with maine and stuff.....working on IMPortantT photography skills. like this

DO NOT LEAN....right
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then there's always the visit to the supermarket with my mum. *dread* oh well...i was just playing around most of the time anyway...haha! and i realized say their ugly and they can't change it? OH how i BEG to defer! u realize....that people and their personalities or their occupations or their schools or just simply their lifely hood, can be reflected on the face? no? yes! see guys from ACS have this super ACS face. or people who are shy and softspoken have that very plain face? no? but this one is for sure. have u gone to the market and stuff and seen the butchers? they always have this similar face like...u can put thier job and face together. OBSERVE CHILDREN:

see what i mean! he's a butcher btw
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting if u want to have a model face or a superstar's face, you've gotta live like a model or a superstar. difficult huh? well better example if you want to look like me then.....oh wait you need to be blessed by God for that so...hahaha!

kidding(like why must i say this? will it offend people? they think i'm arrogant? why can't everyone just...ease up a little cheeze)

hmm lets see what else i've been doing...hmm. oh yes at the supermart, i bought this Basket ball hoop thingy for kids and..haha...put it up in my room. its endless hours of fun for the price of $2.50 i tell you

shooting baby hoops is MY thing ;)
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chop!! yes thats frograracy accuracy!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting's another sad story. see this fish we shall so affectionally name...Mr fish, was swimming happily in his ocean sea. the waters free for him to roam and look for other female hottie fishes. he can do anything he wants! in the waters there are no laws! and reproduction is everything! haha...isn't that just the life? and everyone is NAKED! woo! but how happy he must have been that day....when Mr Fish was swimming around and he saw a shrimp! OH HAPPY DAY! i must get that shrimp! and he chases and he twists and turns and wiggles his way around until FINALLY he catches up with the little bugger. chewing it with his teeth,Mr fish swims away happily with his new catch! until suddenly......SWWOOPPP!! he got caught himself. thats the end of his marine playboy life.

Look at the shocked expression on his face. if i were him, i would curse my luck as well
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poor Mr fish. (characters named in this story have choosen these aliases and are kept anonymous for their own protection)

oh well...i might as well tell u his name..ALFRED FISH! yupp...i just breached our contract. haha! stupid MR .FISH! he's dead anyway so he won't know ;P

wo ho ho...long blog today k highlight of the day. the Singapore annual bear staring competition has come again! some of you might be asking...HUH?!?! what bear...what? staring? wth? okay okay let me shed some light. its an annual competition where bears from all over the region come to singapore to compete in their staring skills! its a tiring and gruelling competition i tell you. and this year i've been invited as special guest participant...NORMAN THEN! woo! claps(for himself)

and that day i tell you...i realized that staring is not a simple game..OH NO NO NO! it involves so many factors. if you stare like this might put ur opponent to sleep, or yourself. if you stare like this 0_0 , you might risk looking like this forever, or just simply looking like an idiot. if you stare like this ^_^ one will take you seriously. haha!

so anyway i beat a few bears and ended up in the semi finals where i lost! *gasps*

yea,...he was a seasoned starer so i couldn't beat him . here is a shot of him and me staring!

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oh and did i mention that bear went on to win? but the sad fact that he died the next day cuz....few ahbengs beat him up. they were like..."stare what stare?" then....BSSH BASH! POW! WHACK!then....... newspaper front page. what a terrible life to live.

oh well i'm pretty hungry now so i'll just leave you with this thought:
Do you agree that microwaves are the best invention in this century???

poll on the column beside here to see what people think!

yours rushing-off-to-eat-dinner-ly


Thursday, August 17, 2006

The worst thing about being not talked about

"the worst thing about not being talked not being talked about" - oscar wilde true. how true. wise words from one of the legends in story telling. i will not venture into telling you all how he got famous. Not because its a long story....nnonono.....its just .......i haven't much of a clue myself. HAHA!

anyway....story is that....he was a very famous story teller. Charming in his own way and women all over....wherever he was telling he's story from(america i think) fell in love with him. and oh well he just had something about him that was so, original.

novelty attracts.

speaking about novelty, i happened to watch tonights show(the one where mathilda got kicked out) and, i must say, i was bitterly dissapointed. not only to see one of the best singaporean singers get kicked out so early in the competition, but also to see some of the best performers(hady and jon who conincidentally are my good friends) to be in the btm 3. Sad .

its not a singing competition anymore i guess. some people(i DARE not mention the type if not i'll end up dead tmr morning), are spoiling the competition. its not any of the idols faults. their doing their best. but sometimes, people see themselves in whoever their voting for. so i guess ...there aren't many good singers in singapore cuz....ppl just see their bad singing in their idols and vote for them.

go ahead and slam me. I DUN CARE. you know why? cuz i'm not targeting anyone here. BUT U KNOW WHO U ARE. thats right. i love all the idols. believe me. but i want to see a good show. so pls. vote properly.

i had fans....i think. and i'd like to think, that they supported me because, i sang well. thats the only reason. other reasons are secondary. i just want them to like my singing cuz, its a singing competition for god sakes! why would i want to join a competition and be remembered for something else? i wanna make it far in life. with my singing and musical career. i dun want to be famous. hell no, fame is boring. i too thought fame was nice. having people recgonize you was something COOL.

i was wrong. its boring. lonely sometimes. when i was in the competition. its's in your face 24/7. its hard to be yourself. its hard to be happy.becuz u can't do what u want to do. you say what you want to say.

at the end of the day. it sucks.

so if any of you reading this, that is hoping to join SI next season or anything else in your life. for fame. don't. you'l regret it.

life is too short. only do what you want to do and what will be good for everyone else around you. Love yourself most importantly and...whatever religion you are, believe in your God, fully.

signing off

yours little-bit-dissapointed-but-hoping-to-see-the-best-in-singaporeans-soon-ly

Norman Le Grand!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

haha...HEY EVERYONE! phew....tiring trip to malaysia man i tell you. I KNOW I KNOW, you've all been waiting for me to update my blog. dun get too excited guys...SIT DOWN for heaven's sake.

haha i'll indulge you on my very excitable(got such word i dun care) journey to THE LAND OF FLIES (so wonderfully described by maine girl)

See! here's a RARE footage of a HOUSEFLY on my father's back!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting what've learned from my journey there was....that:


here's a rough idea....this is the lift at our hotel....look at how relac it opens...HAHAH!

even this FISHES are sleeping on the job!

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hahaha...nonetheless...both my cousin and I had loads of fun. not to mention the shopping! hahah! there were many incidents to cherish but here's are a few HIGHLIGHTS of our trip :D

Day one:getting to know you

haha...i'm just going by the order of photos taken. The first day was nothing much...we just scanned the area. took in the sights and then we visited this Seafood Restuarant!

Obviously i got bored...haha!
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This one just happened to pop out of nowhere! *gasps*
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Then this guy started making funny faces at me! Irritating man!
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wow...i found out an easy way to upload photos so now its so easy! haha anyway the restaurant was great and we all went to sleep that day. to prepare for the NEXT DAY!

2. Day number 2! we were OFF TO THE THEMEPARK! WOO!

woo look at the nice scenery!........oh and of cuz the indoor theme park behind! hahahaha
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Then we were off...we bought our tickets and made a short dash to the entrance.

We had to take a bus
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My sis and Chien Hui ON the bus...well...what are they doing sitting right next to the driver??haha
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Here's some other photos of us doing the paddles! we had a mini race and of cuz the DUDES came in FIRST PLACE!
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and what's a themepark without a proper Go KART! woo!
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but here was the most interesting part of the go kart...okay. there was a board which had all the rules and regulations of the go kart system and here was one of the rules
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APPERENTLY...there would be a warning or a signal given to anyone...with...NO PECKS! HHHUUUUHHH!!!!! we were confused by the sign?!?! None of us had pecks!(here's the definition for the word peckless

we were looking around and we were this the reason why these arabs are here? there were alot of arab women queueing up for the go kart and they had it tudongs? anyway theirs are much more elaborated than singaporean tudongs cuz theirs covered the mouths and the nose and everything! cept the eyes of cuz. though some of them still wore shades (go figure!). we were wondering...perhaps under that disguise...they had PECKS! thats why they were so willing to go karting!

finally we figured out the word was actually supposed to be RECKLESS. oh well fortunately i figured that out AFTER the race as i was driving at TOP SPEED(which wasn't really fast actually) and bumping into all my friends to get FIRST PLACE *claps*

haha and of cuz me and my cuz was making fun of that board the enitre trip! haha

oh yes and we counquered that.....easy peasy lemon squeezy stuffs
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And here's our visit to DINOSAUR LAND! *audience aww*
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Here's me and my cousin having a raptorback riding fight!
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we lost and my raptor got furious
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this teradactyl had her wings too close to ground
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This fella had his hands too high up in the air!
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OH of the most fun parts was the Archery session we had! I didn't know this myself but my sister had a nick for achery as well

look at how gracefully she takes up her position!
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Look...our hours bumming at home watching Lord of the rings paid off!
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here's my cousin taking a shot....look at how cool he is...focused, composed. look at his face....sheer determination. he puts himself into position. brings the arrow back into shooting position and ....!!!!! LOOK AT THE ARROW IT FLIES THROUGH THE AIR HITS THE BULLSEYE AND........drops on the floor. diao

look at his shocked face after the takes the shot...haha...even he can't believe it! offense but after all the middle east terrorism. one can't help to think after seeing this that even the middle eastern WOMEN are getting in on the trend! they're even trying out new weapons to enhance their slaying capacity when called into action!

ninja archer! lol!
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at the end of the day we were so tired we just slept. but the next day was i feel, was the most exciting day yet!

Day 3: visit to Kaula Lumpur-city of endless shopping

well what can i was just a day of endless shopping. but here were some little incidents to remember cousin was getting a little TOO close to the usher
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why...what a wonderful advertisement. boys and girls for sale!
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well...i nvr understood why the male genitalia was described by some singaporeans as "kukubird" but one things for sure...i'll nvr visit a bar full of kukus
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My cousin(oh yah his name is Shawn) and i found this really cool concept shop. it really had a whole new concept of its own
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Shawn suggested me buying this shirt and wearing it to one of the shows........perhaps not shawn. hahaha
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all in all....malaysia can be summarized into a moment me and Shawn had. We visited this shop called 'Factory outlet Store' (in short FOS) and i thought it was funny cuz my friends would insult each other by calling names like POS(piece of s***) . Basically what it means is that if i call you that means you are a piece of human faeces. You can only imagine my reaction when not long after i told my cousin about POS, I saw this sign.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

it really shows how malaysians love thier country. HAHAHAHA

alas. it was time to head home. we were all really tired and just wanted to catch some sleep
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i'm feeling pretty beat myself. the photos that were not posted here can be view in "the great photo album" link right beside here and....oh yea the new song will be done another day when i....feel like doing it. lol!

so here's me signing off

yours drowsily
Norman The Great!

Monday, August 07, 2006

tissue issue

alright this post is about everyone that has ISSUES WITH TISSUES that they need to work out man. issues man really....real mental or real like...psychotic issues to work out u know what i mean?

first i'd like to start out with this incident....i was walking home that day. happily minding my own business when out of the BLUE this EVIL looking cat was like staring at me la! WTH!!?!?! i didn't even step on it or what la! like c'mon man! want to fight?!?! COME COME fight! UR CLAWS ARE NO MATCH FOR MY GREAT FIST!!! GRRR!!!!

SEE! he was like staring with evil eyes like! LIKE WAN HUA FROM TOP 28! GRRR!!!!

conclustion: this cat has issues with tissues man.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ and maine b were in wisma walking around... INNOCENTLY MINDING OUR OWN BUSINESS...when out of the YELLOW these two women...wah lao. not that i want to say but they were POSING for this LINGERIE(ling-ger-ri not laun-jer-ray) shop but like HELLO! like indecent expose c'mon man.

see! aww...too much too much!

conclusion:these women have issues with tissues man


the next thing is also quite....augh...DESSSGGUUUSSSDDDINNGG!!! levine came to my house to work out this song that we were SUPPOSED to perform but...nvm about that...then we were going to media corp after that to watch the show and i was walking down the road, yes once again...HAPPILY MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS when i the SIDE of my eye

LEVIN NG! omg how could u!....he was oogling over this AUNTIE levin EEEWWWWWW

auntie killer

HAHAHA! conclusion:levin has issues with tissues man. HAHAHA


okay....that was nothing compared to what ur gonna witness next! see i was walking in city link...ONCE AGAIN HAPPILY...u know...MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS when this boy steps up. at first u know....he looked cute...

then.....he turned around and....EEEWWW OMG !! AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE! HOW COULD HE! dissapointment really

look at what TV has done to him! digging his crouch in public! OUTRAGE OF MODESTY!

btm line :this kid has issues with tissues man. period.


another one another one....wah this one is terok blangah man(no meaning) okay i was at PASTA MANIA!(the place for casual dining) with maine girl(did u know there's a place called maine road in manchester?) then we were HAPPILLY EATING OUR PASTA MINDING OUR OWN BUSINESS when out of the RED our phones started humping each other! i know i weird as it may sound....but it really did happen...i had two phones and maine had one and they were having a threesome right infront of us just when i was about to eat my pasta! DESGUSDING i tell ya...

atrocious!thats porn!

morale of story: our phones have issues with tissues man.


okay...this third girl is a rebel! a rebel! i tell u....see me and my friends were having lunch at pasta mania....and yes u guessed right. WE WERE HAPPILY ENJOYING OURSELVES MINDIG OUR OWN BUSINESS...when out of the PURPLE i caught this girl messaging(or in short msg) in a NO MSG ZONE! yes yes. crimes like these do exist.... that is the extent of the evil in our world. check this out

look how defiantly she was smsing in a NO MSG ZONE! rebels i tell u!

gist of it all: this girl has serious issues with tissues man.


okay this one has to take the cake....i was quite happy with this one but i tell u the guys at pasta mania have LOST it man. i mean...i know i'm a celebrity and everything(puts on sunglasses) but to what extend would they go to WELCOME this SUPERTAR!?! well let me shed some light...see i was walking in to pasta mania YET AGAIN MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS HAPPILY when out of the GREEN i saw this SIGN...can u believe it! i know its courtesy and nice and everything to give free gifts but...A FREE PHONE!?!?!?! u've got to be kidding me. look at this

PHONE AHEAD(handphone that is) look at the sign it says "NORMAN THEN....pick up here" and there look the free phone is there.

i tell u...there's only one phrase to describe've got it.....ISSUES WITH TISSUES MAN

so there u have it. in the simple life of Norman Then he finds so many unfortunate happenings in this world. People with issues....who needs a tissue. So ppl out there, if u have an issue with tissues then.....pls solve it. get over it, read some self help book. yep....look under title 'tissue issue' u might find some help there. AND IF U DUN SORT IT OUT SOON. then u'll find out that Norman Le Grand! will be there to capture it on camera and blog about it and make u look like a COMPLETE idiot.

so have an issue? here...have a tissue

easy peasy lemon squeezy.

yours smugly

Norman The Great!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Bimbotic takeover!

like WOW!!! now i have my very own PROFESSIONAL BLOG! hahaha! yup its professional.

like i couldn't care less about how my blogs looked like before but now with the help of maine girl like MOI! hahahahaha. okay nvm

anyways....todays story is REALLY nice! hahaha see i was on the way to see maine girl? then i got on to the cab. then this first he was like....okay. normal. nothing interesting. then we got on the expressway.... VVVRRROOOMMMMM he starts to change gear like mad! cutting lanes! left right center left....all over the place! then he starts cursing and swearing at this black car(couldn't be bothered with the model) and says"haha see he scared alraedy dun want to fight with me." hahahahahahahha i was LMAO!(laughing my ass off for those gundu's) hahaha....

maine girl once told me that when the taxi speeds there would be this sound like...TINK TINK...then when i heard it....i was like..."really meh?" but i can swear to you that day...i know for a fact what she said was true. wasn't like TINK TINK....nonononnnonnonono oh no it wasn' was like TINK TINK TINK TINK TINK.....ALL THE WAY! hahahahaha so yea....he was hitting 120 so many times! and thats like super rare in singapore la lets admit. then he was telling me about he's youth days how he signed up for car maintanence course and had these really fast cars. he was doing that while he was speeding all the way. trying to race every big car he could see.... all i could say was....HAHAHAHAH! GO UNCLE GO! hahahaha...i think to him yellow light means green light and the signal lights are....shit.

then he told me that he doesn't do his with all his only....1 percent...and....i felt LOVED. :D

hahahahha.. wackiest driver ever man. that was a man who just loved life. love it! haha. then i asked him whether he got modify his taxi then i leaned back and make sure my belt was tightly in place cuz i expected him to like press a few buttons and the car would transform and BECOME AN ULTIMATE SPEED MACHINE!......but no...nvr. he just say.....SIAO waste money modify taxi. bummer.

anyway the day at maine's house was fun. tried to teach her maths and realized that not only my sister was blur and bimbotic. but almost every other girl.... -_- i think they watch too much mtv and read too many magazines. like girls dun think? they just sit there and expect u to tell u the answer....THEN HOW LIKE THAT?!?!?!? I TAKE THE O LEVELS FOR U LA! haiyo. bimbo man.

>see they always have bimbotic signs like these....whatever man

well.... we guys just let u girl quarrel over nothing beat urselves up then we'll TAKE OVER THE WORLD! MAUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

anyway...mummy is calling me for mahjong now(only my family la no money involved)

yup their whatever right?

signing off yours in a rushly
Norman The Great!