Tuesday, October 09, 2007

WOW! beens a month now and i can feel the birds a callin'. Kickin back here in my office. Life's been good, as it always is. doesn't seem like it in other parts of the world but i figure since I'm here in trusty o' Singapore i might as well enjoy myself. no time for fretting, can't be frontin too much either. That'll just put a downer on the ladies.

God bless Lee kuan yew.

While at work i've been doing some pretty interesting stuff and it seems that my efforts have been extremely productive at best. You cannot imagine the amount of work i have to do! i've no time WHATSOEVER to laze around, drawing pics like

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or this!
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okay so perhaps i was not as busy as i made out. but i make good time in finishing my work so no one's complaining :D

I realize shell(where i work) treats their employees VERY well. the few perks to keep us pacified keeps everyone happy i guess. no one quits here. may sound nice but....its boring. no one quits so no action. no show ta watch! If only there were some frustrated soul that would do something rash. then maybe life over here would be so much more interesting. Maybe i should try it.

Boss: Good morning Norman!
Norman: morning what morning? morning backside la how bout that?
Boss: excuse me?
Boss: oh okay...we were about to promote you anyway.
Norman: huh? oh i haven't say finish. i quuuiiiitttttt my solitaire game first wait ah.

so you see even if you tried, no one here in the right mind would quit shell. In the left mind, maybe but right mind confirm won't quit one.

also the perks. THE PERKS. the chalets here are like 80 bucks? for one whole weekend. ?!!??!?!?! 80 bucks? dun charge better right?

and only in this company have i seen employees getting 20k++ monthly salary and 300 dollar handphone allowance. 300 dollar handphone allowance?!?!?! you call your mum and let her yak for 10 hours non stop?? how the hell do u spend 300 dollars on hp bills man.

but for me personally the one thing that compelled me to work in this company LONG TERM, has got to be, without the shadow of a doubt, THE MILO MACHINE!

when i first came here they showed me around... and then i was introduced to the COFFEE AND TEA MACHINE. then i was like, who the hell drinks coffee and tea anymore? BUT THEN SOMETHING CAUGHT MY EYE JUST AS I WAS ABOUT TO TURN AWAY. the one thing that changed my Shell working experiance FOREVER. right at the bottom? this small little button that read 'milo'. I went crazy. i drank 7 cups of milo on the first day at work. and i was only getting started. free milo. bliss.

some other artworks o mine i drew up during my 'break time'

this is a slight alteration of Giodarno's t-shirt design
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and my personal fav
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eat your heart out picasso.

so i have to leave you with that. maybe i'll be back next year to post another one. too much to do. more pics to draw. :D

till then

yours wooo-miloooooooo-ly

Norman The Great!