Wednesday, July 19, 2006

these are the fables of my street

these are the fables of my street

"these are the fables of my street."

woo nice afternoon sun and i'm doing nothing but lying on my bed. oh perfect day.

life is good after idol so stop asking pls. not that i'm trying to be arrogant or anything but its just i hate to keep answering the same question like 101209u4023424923805827508720547350837543 times 0183712083712048325 times. life is good.

"life is wonderful"

so so...some things that happened after the idol. as u all know i've picked up a new hobby of randomly snapping photos with my new camera and sharing i with u guys. but there was one incident when i was on the MRT(aka the funeral) and i saw these two ultimate grump police officers (aka paul bearers) walked into the MRT....then they thought...WAH I SO COOL GOT GUN. or whatever la. then i was like....okay i'm going to take a photo of these two goons. then he turned around and saw me focusing the camera on him then u know what he said? i was like...OMG wth la... he said..."scuse me no taking of photos in the MRT."


i was like....serious ah....then i asked....BUT WHY CANNOT??!?!?!??!! u thought this one cinema? no photography? u big celebrity? the camera will destroy the whole train??? OR U THINK U THE SUPERTAR NOW!?!??!?!?!

I"M THE SUPERTAR I DUN CARE!!!!! aaahhhHH!!!!!!!

i took one photo of him leaving...haha...not so supertar anymore right? nananepoopoo

and what what what.... now adays the taxi increase thier fare. WAH LAO AS IF NOT EXPANSIVE ENOUGH. whatever lor...everytime he on the meter i will tell him he's cheating my money. and and movies why now $9.50?!?!?! that one is really cheat ppl money lor. nowadays like got alot of 'lets fool the world and cheat their money' scams going around ah? and we're like so oblivious to it we just follow blindly. maybe i should start one scam also. then everyday i'll just laze around laughing at people who buy my products which are designed to run out or spoil or SELF DESTRUCT just so they will have to buy it again and again and......CASH UNLIMITED!!! woo!

"cuz it all amounts up to nothing in the end"

HEE :D i want to sleep...good....afternoon.

signing off

yours sleepily


Sunday, July 16, 2006



I"M BACK!!! WOO!!!!! exciting huh? yup yup....i just want to say a BIG thank you to all my fans and family and friends and enemies(eerrr ya...not many though :P) that supported and not supported me but made the singapore idol program interesting. :D visit my photo album with lotsa healthy photos to feed ur troubled mind :D (if troubled it is :P). after the competition is quite fun actually. chilling out with friends...SOCCER! something i missed so terribly during the idol camp. and i took the MRT for the first time in like a whole month! WAH! SO FUN!!! WEEE!!!! hahaha ...then there were these two domestic helpers that regconized me. haha...of all people to spot me! haha i couldn't say this in the singapore idol website but i'll say it now! i had drinks with my friends yesterday and ....well lets just say ignorance is bliss. not a care in the world guys....not a care in the world.

i just read Jon's singapore idol blog. he types so neatly...haha...we're so different yet we're so the same. its a really touching entry really, its his honest feeling poured out nicely into sentences and paragraphs, censored, toned down and down to earth interpretation of how the events unfolded when gurmit sang my name in the most melancholic nature.

"look at the stars...look how they shine for u."

he cried....the jonathan that i know doesn't cry. unless its something that hurts him bad. like he said "when Gurmit announced Norman’s name, it felt like my good friend was taken away right in front of your eyes and I couldn’t do anything about it." i felt the same way when i saw u crying jon. something taken away....can't get back.

well get kicked out soon yah then join me! ahahhahahaha....okay nvm just kidding. i hope he goes all the way though.

not forgeting the rest though. they all are dear to me...even hady called me the other day complaining how boring it is without me. true... hahahahaha! kidding kidding. i miss u too we can't sing the supertar song anymore cuz only u are supertar not moi.

for those of u cavemen/women who did not watch idol extra here's the rundown of the supertar song for u...

Hady: Norman are u....a supertar????

Norman: yes! i'm a SUPERTAR! lets sing the SUPERTAR SONG!!!!!

unison: Supertar! supertar! i am realli supertar!

Norman: i kang be a supertar

Hady: i kang sing very well!

HAHAHAHAHAHA...and the whole song must be done with a EXCITED face! hahahaha.

yep...its time for lunch now....just a note before u go. erm...can u guys smile more? i went on the MRT the other day and realized how much similar MRT's are to funerals. so smile more and don't worry your life away!

signing off

yours gleefully

Norman Le Grand!