Sunday, March 25, 2007

WAHHH... i just got this program called audacity. quite cool.

this is my first song mixing attempt! NOT BAD HUH?!?!

only a bit fuzzy at parts. dunno how to do the noise compression part. BUT THAT WILL ALL COME IN TIME.

totally sexy.

so if you're wondering what is this song (hahahahahahahha) its Let there be love by Oasis.

totally handsome.

think i'm going to be a GREAT sound engineer. seems like i'm going to be great in everything...haiz...c'est la vie my love :D thats life.

Going to chiong to the swimming pool before the sun beats me to it! GRR!!!! YAH!!!! WAHH!!!! CHIONG AH!!!!!

signing off while-taking-his-pants-off-ly(totally totally pretty)


Friday, March 23, 2007

Say what you like girl

LALALALA. say all you want little girl. everybody hates me and stuff. yeah yeah.

LALALALA. say all you want little girl you had problems with your dad already and now you're blaming it on me. like i'm some kinda criminal walking in the streets

LALALALA say what you want girl ur just whining now and no one's listening.

LALALALA say what you like little girl, i don't care anymore cuz i'm a big boy now, no time for games , no time for sorrow, no time for stupid waiting for tomorrow with you. no time for waiting for stupid tomorrow.

Cuz i'll be great and when u see that someday you'll think
damn why didn't i go to him when he was some plain old sam
you said you cried those two months of your life but, let me tell you something
you cry everyday of your whole damn life, you ain't nothing but misery
your a never ending calamity. a blackhole of lies


LALALALA say what you like little girl, sticks and stone love,sticks and stones

LALALALA say what you like girl, tell your side of the story, hopefully get some sympathy in this life to make it past nine.

LALALALA say what you like girl, crying won't help you this time, it takes some brains to make it half past nine . i'm changing the tune just to sooth your screw loose .

oh but that is what you lack, you are up on 25
you've got money and a mummy and daddy, what happens if they die?
you've got more than just some pretty face, you gotta try to erase all these

stupid lies, cupid ties, thinking this time
play silly games somewhere else,all your useless whining won't help
all your stinking driving people up the wall
who wants to hear your sob story?
who needs that much fame and glory?
who wants to hear your sob story? who needs that much fame and glory?
don't you see we got our problems too
no i wont help you this time,you're alone love, you're a slave to love then you die


LALALALA say what you like girl, say what you like, who was the one who said"i
ll come back to you" tell me if this is true , BABY PLEASE TELL ME PLEASE. tell me if this is true.

TELL ME WHO WAS THE ONE TOLD ME "i love you" just a week ago and hoped and so but i can't help you there you're confusing your breast with your soul.
who was the one who was causing trouble with my friends now turning around saying i'm disturbing your "boyfriend". When i recieved a call yesterday from that one you "loved" that said"hey dude gotta chill, you can't be doing this to my girlfriend,i'm fucking pissed with what your doing, blah blah blah lalallala". with that i said " dude i'm chill, i'm relaxed" i'm not overreacting, like you are. i just did what i needed to do, what i set out to do to throw those things back at you, you can have them i don't need them anymore. i don't need that stupid shirt , the belts too big. take it all back i don't need them anymore


LALALALA say what you like girl, say what you like, but remember next time to put it in tune. like i do. so the whole world can sing along with you. do you get my drift, can u catch my tune.

like i do :) :) :):) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

its my birthday today and I can find no cause for celebration